JAN3CEOSamson Mow indicates that the latest buzz around Bitcoin (BTC) common stocks and BRC-20 tokens is not sustainable and will subside within a few months

In an interview with Coindegraph's exclusive agent, Mow said, "Most of these people have to pay a lot of fees, and this fee immediately flows into Bitcoin mining, which cannot be sustained

He continued, "Even if they will fade in a few months, don't discuss time here

The growing activity closely surrounding Ordinals and BRC-20 (an encryption algorithm that users can forge replaceable and irreplaceable tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain) is an important reason for the skyrocketing transaction fees, which also leads to the congestion of the Bitcoin internet.

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Although many members of Bitcoin Street view regular coins as a test case that can promote Bitcoin adoption, Mow feels that regular coins are like spam messages blocking the internet

He emphasized, "These are just short-term capital struggles, similar to most things in the market competition chain such as Ethereum and Solana

Mow believes that the widespread use of Bitcoin will be due to its use as a deposit technology and swap method, not because "everyone forges JPEGs and sticks them to the chain"

To learn more about Mow's argument against Ordinals, please watch the complete interview on everyone's YouTube channel. Don't forget to order!

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