The decentralized autonomous organization MakerDAO behind Dai's stable coins and related entrepreneurial governance tokens has recently announced a series of planned ecosystem upgrades, including closely monitoring artificial intelligence technology and plans to launch new blockchain technologies

Gradually from a unified organizational brand update, a new roadmap has elaborated on a new project called "Ending" for the Five Rings Festival

According to the official online forum post written by MakerDAO founder Rune Christensen, the first phase of Endgame will involve "comprehensive brand reshaping" to unify well-known brands of Dai (Dai) and Maker (MKR).

Christensen wrote, "It is very important that Dai and MKR remain unchanged." MakerDAO intends to preserve these two tokens in the current way. However, the organization does plan to add two brand new tokens with upgrade capabilities, temporarily referred to as "NewStable" and "NewGovToken"

Christensen elaborated on that point in response to the post review:

Dai will continue to maintain and become an unaffected OG stable currency, without any fancy effects, and its liquidity will be obtained through endless 1:1 conversion to NewStable from beginning to end

Looking forward to the future, the "Key to Endgame Product Display" includes the final release of six "Maker SubDAO" and corresponding NewStable token farms.

The sub DAOs will be divided into promoter and regulator DAOs, and according to Christensen, their effect is undoubtedly to simplify "entrepreneurial governance must manage the workload and diversity of methods"

The third stage of route maps revolves around artificial intelligence. MakerDAO plans to release multiple internal structured AI specialized tools to enhance daily governance tasks such as monitoring and data isolation.

In addition to planning to release specialized tools for artificial intelligence, MakerDAO also plans to enter the open source system artificial intelligence development and design industry under a project called "Target Stock Fund"

Chistensen wrote that this initiative will promote and support the use of "fully free, open-source AI model data for free experience AI specialized tools, which can help influential fields and projects utilize AI efficiency for profitability and use it to address the hazards of sustainable development

The fourth stage of Endgame involves designing an incentive plan called "Governance Participation Encouragement" for ecosystem residents. This plan will involve gamified teaching rewards and incentives to encourage interactive communication on the MakerDAO platform.

Ultimately, the organization plans to create a unique blockchain technology currently known as "NewChain". NewChain needs to be bridged, rather than replacing the Ethereum blockchain on the current support point MakerDAO platform.

Christensen stated, "This means that NewStable and NewGovToken, as well as Dai and MKR, will continue to operate normally in digital currencies, with the only trend being that they will be subject to governance backend maintenance based on safety and state-of-the-art highway bridge operations

The key feature included in promoting the implementation of blockchain technology in new areas is that in the event of a power attack or abuse of power by a majority of company shareholders, a hard fork can be used as the governance system.

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