Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, has made at least two outstanding contributions at this stage, which can help the victims of the devastating earthquake disasters in Turkey and Yemen last week.

A 7.8 strong earthquake occurred on February 6. Its death toll has risen to 33000, one of the worst in the world in decades.

In the past week, the founder of ETH was one of many people who actively donated ETH to support the rescue work in Turkey. According to PeckShield, a blockchain security enterprise, his latest donation will be sent to Anka Relief on February 12, with 50 ETH (equivalent to 77000 US dollars).

Anka appreciated the generosity of the founder of Ethereum and said that cryptocurrency donations have been in liquidity since the first day.

The organization said: "From the first day of the disaster, everyone witnessed the contributions of some key social organizations deposited in his wallet. It has attracted and will attract more assets, which is great.".

Anka brought an encrypted wallet directory suitable for donation. The Web3 rescue support agency also took the lead in organizing and carrying out the new project of the Ukrainian National DAO to raise encrypted donations and support the persistent efforts of the besieged country.

The latest donation enhanced the 99 ETH donated by Vitalik to support the people affected by the earthquake disaster. On February 11, the detailed address of vitalik.eth sent the use value of about 150000 US dollars to Ahcap, a non-governmental organization and non-profit organization focusing on the rescue work in Turkey.

Ahcap brings many encrypted detailed addresses for various tokens it can accept.

So far, it has claimed to have received $4.3 million in encrypted donations, of which the stable currency is the most popular token. According to Etherscan, the Ahcap wallet includes 409 ETH, which is worth US $622000 at the time of writing this article.

On February 10, the Financial Times in London reported that cryptocurrency donations were gradually pouring in from all over the world. The enterprise sent more than 10 million US dollars of cryptocurrency, and Binance alone donated 5 million US dollars to support Türkiye's rescue work.

Binance also announced last week that it would air drop $100 BNB of supplies to the worst affected areas.

On February 7, the day after the devastating earthquake, Coin Telegram reported on how Web3 Community united to arrange encrypted donations for social organizations and support.

This is not the first time that cryptocurrency has been used for disaster relief donations. In 2015, after a major earthquake occurred in Myanmar, BTC donations were sent to relief agencies.

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