After experiencing turmoil in 2022, the cryptocurrency sales market has rebounded, with the trading stock volume of the leading cryptocurrency BTC (BTC) exceeding 85% from the 52 week bottom. A new trend and eye-catching price point have attracted short-term and hesitant traders to adopt a new trading position. However, due to the widespread uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market, selecting the best trading duration may be a severe test for beginner traders. Although most traders follow the simple idea of selling high and buying low, finding the right breakthrough requires understanding the current news reporting flow and using technical analysis indicators that are suitable for their trading style.

Although there are many performance indicators that can still be measured during trading, they can be divided into one of four types: trend indicators, momentum indicator values, and volatility indicator trading volume indicators. Mastering how to apply at least one indicator value in each type is effective for traders who expect to detect trades and then make the best move in and out. In addition, the most important thing is to know all the news about the cryptocurrency market and explore regulatory changes, cryptocurrency restrictions, hard forks, or all other things that are likely to cause rapid price changes in a unique way. Generally, the best breakthrough point for trading should be close to the support point or pressure level within the given time. It is suggested to clarify this area in order to make better trading management decisions.

Therefore, for traders who need to open more than a specific cryptocurrency, they need to use trend indicators such as the Moving Average Convergence Diffusion (MACD) to confirm the reversal of development trends, and use uncertainty indicators such as the Bollinger Line to choose a breakthrough point around the support of the moving average line. This process requires a lot of retrospective testing patience and accumulated experience. Sure enough, most traders either mistook the performance indicators or simply did not have certain organizational discipline to own or withdraw transactions based on the market price of call option. Alternatively, traders can use TradeSanta's integrated cryptocurrency trading service platform, which allows them to browse trading robots that can also be set up on top cryptocurrency exchanges. Once traders have selected a trading pair for the TradeSanta robot, they can also set one of the data signals based on MACD, RSI, Bollinger line indicators, TradeView Screener, and Custom TradeView signals to confirm the entry or exit points for each transaction. TradeSanta's free trading terminal device provides users with the convenience of managing all cryptocurrency asset configurations from a single interface, and even allows them to emulate experienced traders and the best trading strategies.

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In addition, with over 6000 diverse cryptocurrency assets currently available in the cryptocurrency market, TradeSanta provides a desktop search path for the best cryptocurrency pairs to conduct transactions and allows users to form their own custom trading robots to conduct transactions. Even beginner traders can activate automated energy through TradeSanta's data encryption trading robot and complete it automatically at the correct time, setting simple or relatively backward overall profit goals. In order to minimize the risk under poor trading conditions to the greatest extent possible, users can set stock stops or follow stock stops for their trades, and select Trading View stock stop loss data signals for each bot process.

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TradeSanta has collaborated with centralized exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Bybit, Coinbase, OKX, and Kraken, allowing its users to easily browse the most ideal trading pairs in most supported exchanges. In addition, TradeSanta's Telegram channel section provides daily sales market overview upgrades, allowing traders to get the latest market trends, and tweets allow newcomers to communicate and exchange ideas with other traders. By simply registering, TradeSanta makes it easier for users to engage in cryptocurrency transactions, helping them maximize their conclusions without the need for full day supervision of transactions.

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