The explosion of NFT in the field of game production has caused various reactions, from the enthusiasm of major publishers to the strong opposition of game players. The game industry has begun to accept blockchain technology and its use cases. We can find guidance from the psychologically driven game foundation, which has inspired many functions we see in many modern games. Dr. Richard Butler's player classification divides players into four different groups - social workers, explorers, winners and killers. Understanding that there are four different types of game players can help game developers make more effective use of non-replaceable tokens (NFT) in their creations.

Social person

Socialists thrive when they establish contacts with other players and have meaningful interactions. Social functions, from basic chat to cooperative tasks or functions, encourage them to play. Compared with the game itself, these players prefer the cooperative elements in multiplayer games and the relationships developed from them. Therefore, they prefer games that provide collaborative activities, and coordinate with other players through transactions and other mechanisms in the game, so that they can form meaningful relationships.

NFT can play a role in many ways, from tribal or community members of NFT to cooperation aimed at forging more valuable and rarer NFT, such as combining NFT gold plates and diamonds to create NFT diamond rings. This concept can work well in a wide range of games, from classic games, such as online multiplayer RuneScape, to newer popular games, such as Marvel's Avengers Alliance.


Explorers, as the name implies, are game players. They are interested in exploring and opening up first. Explorers like to take risks and investigate every corner of the game map to find as much information and treasure as possible. This is not only reflected in the exploration of the game area, but also refers to the exploration of the game system and mechanism.

This type of player likes to discover hidden secrets and build knowledge of game operation mode at the same time. They may appreciate the unique NFT rewards because they found some of the best hidden areas in the game, such as the famous cow level of Diablo or the Karazan cave of Warcraft.

Successful person

Successful people are game players. They want everyone to know and recognize the games they are good at. The Playstation trophy and steam achievements are designed for these people. They may also be most familiar with NFT, because because of its uniqueness, these tests have been proved to be effective for social signals. From the NFT avatars used in games and social media to the unique weapon skins distributed as rewards in championships, there are really unlimited possibilities - the sky is really the limit here.


Killers are game players. They only focus on the game experience between players. They are excited by the competition. Of course, they like to win, but they are more happy that their rivals have lost. As the name implies, they usually prefer combat-oriented games, such as battlefield or mobile first-person shooting game modern online combat.

Game designers can take advantage of this belligerent attitude, such as territorial control based on NFT, which can only be obtained through tribal fighting - not in the open market - and NFT representing the most memorable killing scenes and game moments. For such game players, NFTs can be used as a way for them to show off their glory over their competitors.


Facts have proved that finding one or more use cases in the game industry requires more nuances than in the art industry. For the game industry, the challenge is to develop creative and interactive games around the sustainable model of NFTs and P2E to enhance the game experience rather than annoy game players. Despite the continuous development of the game industry, game types and systems are also diverse. This analysis is rooted in human psychology. Despite the continuous progress of technology and the increasing variety of games, people's motivation to play games has not changed.

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