Data shows that the Bitcoin (BTC) exchange is likely to have just experienced the largest customer capital loss so far.

According to the data of Glassnode, an online analysis enterprise, on November 23, the monthly cash withdrawal of key exchanges decreased by nearly 179000 BTC.

See BTC withdrawal record for key transactions

Because FTX infectious disease is still spreading, exchange customers have been busy transferring funds to non customized wallets.

According to CoinTelegram, after FTX crashed, it left the key service platform immediately with a digital currency worth 3 billion dollars.

Glassnode indicated that this development trend has continued. Its data showed that BTC's foreign exchange holdings had the largest decline so far in the 30 days ended November 23.

Glassnode's net exchange position change indicator value shows that the supply of BTC held in the exchange wallet changes to - 17683 BTC within 30 days. The index value includes 20 exchanges, including FTX.

Under normal conditions, the habit of exchanging customers is still unstable. On November 9 alone, nearly 140,000 BTC of funds will be drained, and the amount of cash withdrawn by the exchange is small. The local lowest point on November 19 was below 19,000 BTC.

However, since then, this development trend has reversed. According to the data of Glassnode, the capital outflow on November 23 exceeded 86000 BTC.

HitBTC gets Mt. Gox network hacker savings

Elsewhere, friends of the online analysis platform CryptoQuant gave some important alarms about BTC in the network hacker accident of Mt. Gox Exchange in 2014.

According to CEO Ki Young Ju, the stolen BTCs have been migrated, and 65 BTCs have been sent to exchange HitBTCs.

She wrote on Twitter: "At the age of 7, 10000 US dollars, Bitcoin was controlled today. It is not strange at all. It comes from suspect, like most of the old Bitcoin. This is also the BTC-e exchange wallet related to the Mt. Gox network hacking incident in 2014. A few hours ago, they pushed 65 Bitcoins to hitbtc, so this is not a government auction or anything else.".

Ki called on HitBTC to freeze the money in his wallet soon.

In addition, another scientific research of Chainalysis emphasized that the BTC-e was closed in 2017 for the mass production and processing of Mt. Gox coins related to the BTC-e exchange.

In an online article on November 23, he explained that in recent weeks, several exchanges and their personal wallets have received BTC-e Bitcoin.

According to CoinTelegram, the movement of old coins in September also caused anxiety, and the repair of Mt. Gox is coming to an end.

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