On May 13th, Bitcoin (BTC) attempted to break through $27000, with a previous "scam lamp core" setting its lowest level in two months.

Trader: BTC price must be saved at $26500

Coindigraph Markets Pro and TradeView's information follows the trend of Bitcoin/USD, recovering from the sharp decline in Bitcoin to $25800.

This will gradually weaken the composition of the final trading day on Wall Street this week, briefly breaking through the critical 100 day 200 week moving average system before rebounding.

As the weekend gradually progressed, investors became conflicted about what might happen in the future.

Daan Crypto Trades told Twitter fans, "It's a great daily closing price. I want to maintain 265K in the future. That's also my bottom line.

Micha ë l van de Poppe, the founder and CEO of the trading company Eight, also believes that the daily candlelight on May 12th is "very good"

Prior to the local low point, $26500 was marked as an important recycling level to take into account long positions.

For another trader, Crypto Tony, although there was a "good rebound" overnight, the implicit double head rotation level was higher at $27300.

We are currently on Sunday, so the liquidity itself will be much lower, "she added in the same day's tweet.

The decline of the 200 week moving average will lead to the "ineffectiveness" of the basic theory of the bull market

In addition, the raw material indicator values for detecting network resources have not yet been clarified when transitioning to the order book status of Coin Security Network.

Lack of bidding liquidity is a key anxiety point, as the largest whale population exits the sales market.

The analysis after the low point suggests that "if there is a positive and optimistic reason, it is that the development of products with too high prices has become a normalization of # digital currency, but this price is now once again above 200 weeks of MA.

Perhaps the most neutral point I can say is that integrating in such a segment is very healthy, as it will give the sales market an opportunity to determine whether to continue as a distributor or turn into an accumulation, thereby enhancing effectiveness and courage for the next step of action

The raw material index values once again indicate that when it comes to future upward fundamentals, the 200 week MA remains an important line.

The analysis states: "The bullish phenomenon is very simple.

If we see a lack of bidding liquidity and a lack of purchasing options for blue purple and dark brown whale species again, it will lead to more declines. All actions that continuously break through 200 WMA will also invalidate the optimistic ideal of breaking through

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