What does cloud computing power mean? What is the difference between cloud computing power and mining machine? As everyone in the currency circle knows, mining machines will be used for mining. There are two types of mining machines, ASIC mining machine and video card mining machine. Mining machine mining is mainly about power mining, which represents the measurement of the mining machine's computing power and computing performance. Specifically, it represents the overall hash algorithm number of operations per second of the mining machine. So what is cloud computing power? Now let's get to know.

What does cloud computing power mean?

Cloud computing power is a remote mining mode. Users purchase cloud computing power contracts through the platform, lease computing power for mining, and regularly obtain revenue. The advantage of cloud mining is that users do not need to deeply understand the mining principles and various software and hardware, or buy expensive mining machines, nor do they need to maintain them 24 hours a day. They can participate in mining as long as they order to purchase computing power, similar to purchasing usufruct products. Cloud computing power minimizes costs through large-scale professional mine deployment and maximizes mining benefits through purchase. Bitcoin mining has developed from individual mining to clustering, and only professional mine revenue is more objective. Users with a small investment budget will have a high threshold to purchase mining machines by themselves, and will not be able to find relatively cheap electricity prices and sites. This cycle is also relatively high, and the input-output ratio is not high. For investors who have no conditions and want to invest in mining, the mine provides mining machine computing lease services. Users can purchase computing contracts to conduct cloud mining and obtain corresponding digital currencies.

What is the difference between cloud computing power and mining machine?

1. Threshold difference. The threshold of cloud computing power is lower. Users can purchase by T according to their investment preferences; For mining machines, the investment amount of a single mining machine is larger than that of cloud computing power, including a lot of hardware, which should be at least hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

2. The cost and energy invested are different. As far as mining machines are concerned, investors are equivalent to buying mining machines for mining. They need to arrange the site, operation and maintenance, pay electricity fees and other costs and energy to maintain their own mining machines. There will be different risks in the process of operation. Once a certain risk is uncertain, it may directly affect the subsequent earnings; After the investors have purchased cloud computing power, they only need to pay a certain management fee to save effort. The management fees mainly include pre payment or post revenue payment.

3. The risks are different. Once Filecoin mining is started for mining machine investment, only the mining machine hardware can be sold after exiting; However, some systems of cloud computing power will protect investors, such as filling in the valid computing power period and not returning the cost for one year extension, and not digging into Filecoin for refund. However, investors still need to look at the technical ability of the miners, because many of these seemingly investment protection clauses are marketing means to seize the market, but the technology is somewhat reluctant.

4. Ownership is different. Purchase of mining machine is to purchase ownership; The purchase of cloud computing power will lease cloud computing power for a certain period of time, without ownership, and only with profit.

5. Liquidity. The withdrawal of mining machinery investment may require more consideration, including mortgage mechanism, withdrawal approval, mining machinery sales, etc; Cloud computing power can choose whether to continue to participate after the expiration. Liquidity is relatively simple, including early participation and late exit.

6. Operation and maintenance adjustment. Once the official adjusts the participation rules, the mining machine investment may need to look for the operation and maintenance to adjust the computing power, thus paying additional fees; The revenue of cloud computing power is tied to the ore pool, so it generally includes operation and maintenance services, so you don't need to worry about it.

In general, the above content introduces in detail what cloud computing power is, and the mining machine of cloud computing power and mining machine. In fact, mining machine is a customized computer used to earn encrypted assets. Such computers generally have professional mining CPU, GPU, memory and other hardware. In the early years, Bitcoin mining machines mostly used the method of proving the workload of burning display cards, which consumed a large amount of electricity. Users mainly run software on mining machines and then run specific algorithms. After communicating with remote servers, they can complete tasks to obtain corresponding encrypted assets, which is one of the ways to obtain BTC, ETH, Fileocin, etc.

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