Recently, a person inadvertently sent ERC-20 tokens with a total market value of over $1.5 million, representing digital currencies such as Encapsulated BTC (WBTC) and Encapsulated Ethereum (WETH), to a high-frequency Main Measurable Value of Use (MEV) robot. The robot became notorious for confusing traders on the Ethereum internet, jardfromtsubway. eth.

This incorrect transaction was initially reported by customers on Weibo website Twitter, where they saw a call from the publisher to retrieve funds from the robot. Jared from subway. eth is accused of placing traders in the middle, resulting in an increase in ETH's natural gas costs. It is reported that within the past 24 hours, it has consumed over 7% of its fuel costs.

According to Dune Analytics statistics, MEV robots have spent approximately 3720 ETH or $950000 in the past two months and implemented approximately 180000 transactions. On April 17th, the revenue of the robot reached $250000, and a few days later on April 19th, it soared to about $400000.

MEV robots have been causing damage to Ethereum traders and being held accountable for the outflow of millions of dollars from investors. This has alerted traders, who are increasingly concerned about what tokens to avoid.

It is worth noting that MEV robots are created to utilize significant value for use, which is referred to as the maximum value that can be extracted from every blockchain content or sequence on the Ethereum Internet based on the harm it poses. For example, this type of robot can take advantage of decentralized exchange arbitrage opportunities or implement sandwich attacks.

Sandwich attack refers to the robot tightly executing two transactions around another customer's transaction to control the price of the property that the customer is attempting to trade and profit from the price difference.

Although the client improperly sent $1.5 million to the robot, its network operator actually refunded the funds to the client at a shocking turning point.

However, the birth of MEV robots has become an urgent challenge in the cryptocurrency world, and it is reported that some of them have exploited system vulnerabilities to make huge profits and even donate to other users on the internet.

This type of robot has already grown to an astonishing amount of data, and cryptocurrency news reporter Wu Blockchain emphasized that this robot earned over $1.035 million in profits from 11640 transactions in one day. Those profits include a sandwich siege of $940000.

It is worth noting that several other events have also attracted the attention of cryptocurrency traders. It is reported that cryptocurrency enthusiasts who announced their wallet addresses on Twitter won a five digit airdrop reward, deeply attracting the attention of the community.

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