In the currency circle, we all know that if you want to obtain digital currency, you can obtain it through trading in the exchange. As long as it is an exchange, you will be charged a certain fee. Then, how much is the commission standard of the digital currency exchange? Next, let's have a look.

What is the commission standard of digital currency exchange?

At present, the service fees for virtual digital currency transactions are charged according to the requirements of their respective exchanges, with different starting points. With the adjustment to currency transactions, the transaction costs are directly deducted as the service fees. Different currency transaction fees are different. At present, transaction fees can be classified into three categories:

Class I: low-grade, as low as a few cents per transaction

Category II: middle grade, service charge of 0.1%~0.2%

Third level: high-end, with the handling charge of more than 0.2%.

Different exchanges have different commission deductions. The lower the transaction commission, the smaller the cost.

Comparison of commission charges of major exchanges

1. Ouyi OKEx

For ordinary users, Ouyi OKEX charges 0.08% for currency bills and 0.1% for bills; 0.02% of the handling charge for the delivery and receipt of registered bills and 0.05% of the handling charge for taking bills; The service charge for continuously listing is 0.02%, and the service charge for taking orders is 0.05%; The service charge for option registration is 0.02%, and the service charge for taking orders is 0.05%. In general, the handling fee of Ouyi is between Yuanan and FTX.

However, Ouyi OKEx's demand for VIP is much friendlier than that of other exchanges. When it becomes VIP1, it only needs to deposit 10wUSD or meet the 30 day trading volume ≥ 10000000, which is 1/10 or even 1/20 of that specified by other exchanges, and does not need to own platform currency.

Let's make a deep comparison to see how much the service charge can be reduced when non VIP customers are upgraded to VIP customers.

For ordinary users, if you recharge 100000 U and upgrade to VIP1, you can save a quarter or even half of the service charge for each transaction. If you directly upgrade to VIP4, the service charge for listing will be completely free, and you can also enjoy the benefits of other VIP users.

For VIP1-3 users, they can get higher rates based on their recharged assets, and at most they can get VIP4 rates, reducing transaction costs, and at the same time, they can get higher borrowing limits.


There are 10 step stops at the service charge level of Coin Safety. Here, we only list 45 stops at VIP0-VIP. You can see that for ordinary users, the service charge for listing in currency transactions is 0.1%, the rate for listing in U standard contract is 0.02%, the rate for listing in currency standard contract is 0.04%, the rate for listing in currency standard contract is 0.01%, and the rate for listing in currency standard contract is 0.05%.

If you want to enjoy VIP1 rate, you must have BUSD transaction volume ≥ 1000000BUSD and BNB shareholding ≥ 25BNB


From 19:00 on January 4, 2021, Singapore time, FTX contract transactions and spot transactions enjoy the same step service rate. The service charge for general users to register is 0.02%, and the service charge for taking orders is 0.07%, which is lower than the service charge for general users of Cun'an.

If you want to enjoy the FTX1 rate, you must have more than 2000000 USD of trading volume in the past 30 days. In terms of trading volume, it is higher than the requirement of the security of currency, but you do not need to hold a flat share of Taiwan dollars


The basic rate of ordinary users of Firecoin is 0.2%, which is slightly higher than that of the above two exchanges. If you want to become a VIP of Fire Coin, you must also meet the requirements that the transaction volume in the past 30 days is ≥ 1000BTC, and you must hold ≥ 2000HT. For ordinary users, the regulations are still high.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of the handling fees of the digital currency exchange. In general, I also remind all investors that if the service charge of a digital currency exchange is too high or too low, investors should pay attention to other conditions of the digital currency exchange, such as whether the property, trading pairs, official website of the digital currency exchange can be opened, and how the external reputation is. After confirming that this is a formal digital currency exchange, investors should invest again, Only in this way can investors' assets be guaranteed.

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