The US debt ceiling talks have put trader under undue strain. Morgan Bank CEO Jay Dimon told Bloomberg News on May 11th that the US government's possible sovereign breach of contract could cause anxiety in the stock market, exacerbating fluctuations.

The next question that confuses digital currency investors is how Bitcoin will view such situations. According to Bloomberg News' latest Markets Live Pulse data survey report, if the US government cannot avoid a debt crisis, Bitcoin may be the third largest preferred asset class after gold and silver US bonds.

Billionaire private equity fund manager Paul Tudor Jones informed CNBC that he owns Bitcoin and has allocated a portion of his assets.

What are the main support and frictional resistance levels for the S&P 500 Index, Bitcoin, and various tokens? Let's study the data chart to find the answer.

Price Analysis of the S&P 500 Index

In the past few days, the S&P 500 index has been trading around the 20 day moving average system at 4118. This indicates that in the short term, both bulls and bears are also engaged in a difficult battle to compete for leadership position.

The rising daily average of 20 days and the Relative strength index (RSI) near the station indicate that there are regional fluctuations in a short time. The index may fluctuate for a few days between the resistance of 4200 and the 50 day Simple Moving Average (SMA) of 4059.

Breaking through and closing below the 50 day SMA is likely to pull prices towards the upward trend line. If these supports also retreat, the index is likely to plummet to 3800 points.

On the positive side, the duo will only be able to break through obstacles at 4200. The index is likely to rebound to 4325 points, when empty orders will once again form a strong test. In the process of adjusting to this extent, if customers turn 4200 into support, it will improve the market prospects for rebounding above 4325.

Price Analysis of the US Dollar Index

After several months of failure, the duo ultimately pushed the US dollar index up and maintained it above the 20-day daily average (101.88) on May 11th.

The duo bought again and broke through the headwinds in the 50 day SMA (102.47) on May 12th. The daily moving average on the 20th is now continuously rising, and the RSI has already jumped into the positive zone, indicating the slight advantage of a dual head. The index is likely to rise to 103.50 in a short period of time, and it is highly likely to encounter selling of short orders again.

On the contrary, if the price drops and falls below the 20 day daily moving average, it will indicate that breaking the 50 day daily moving average may be a bull market trap. Subsequently, the index can also retest key support at 100.82. Breakthrough and closing below this level will complete the bullish head and shoulder (H&S) approach, which may gradually slide down to 97.50.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Double headed attempts to drive Bitcoin back to a symmetrical triangle pattern indicate strong stock buying at a moderate level.

Reducing rebound may encounter strong sales on the daily moving average and triangular resistance line. If the price drops due to frictional resistance, the short order will once again consider lowering the BTC/USDT pair to $25250.

This is a key level that needs to be cared about, as it may crack and sales are likely to worsen, with the price potentially dropping to $20000.

On the positive side, the duo will inevitably cross the resistance line to indicate a new upward trend. This is likely to increase the loan currency by another $31000 first, and then try to break through $32400.

Analysis of Ethereum Price

Ethereum (ETH) rose from a 50% Fibonacci retracement of $1754 on May 12th, and after several months of sideways consolidation, both companies have already reached their 20 day daily moving average ($1854).

Bears will try to maintain their support line with vitality and convert it into frictional resistance. If they can succeed, it will mean that higher standards have attracted merchants. ETH/USDT can also be retested for timely support at $1740. Breaking through and closing below this level is likely to lower the price to 61.8% of the Fibonacci range of $1663.

If both sides need to stop the decline, he will have to push the price above the 50 day SMA ($1883). Subsequently, this will have an important impact on the psychological state that may rebound to $2000.

BNB Price Analysis

The duo has sent BNB to the moving average system, indicating that the $300 level is proving a strong support.

Breaking through and closing above the daily moving average also cleared the way for the potential upward pressure level of $338. This level may prove to be a strong challenge, and if both sides overcome it, the BNB/USDT pair may rebound to $350.

Alternatively, if the selling price drops in the moving average system, it will indicate that the empty order has not been abandoned. Afterwards, they will try again to lower the price below $300. If they do this, it would be the last support level for the composition that could slip by $280.

XRP Price Analysis

In the past few days, XRP has been less than $0.43, but a small positive news for both sides is that they have not allowed short orders to further expand and decline.

Shuangtou will try to use such a thing and kick the price above $0.43. It may extend the recovery to the resistance line, where the bear will try again to defend the level. Both ends must overcome this obstacle before proceeding with a rebound to $0.48, followed by a rebound to $0.54.

Another possibility is that the price will drop below the current level, falling below $0.40. This will mean a downward sliding repair. XRP/USDT is likely to fall to $0.36 in the future.

Cardano Price Analysis

The recovery of Cardano (ADA) has reached its 20-day daily average ($0.37), which is also the main level that needs to be considered recently.

If the customer pushes the price above the 20 day daily average, it will show that the hot plate is still cheerful and trader have bought on bargain. Subsequently, ADA/USDT raised the collar towards a possible anti H&S pattern.

If the price gradually drops on the collar, it will indicate that the shoes may fluctuate for a few more days between the collar and the upward trend line. Breaking through and closing below the upward trend line will indicate that short orders have already taken control of the situation. Subsequently, it is highly likely that the loan currency will fall to $0.30.

Analysis of Dog Coin Prices

In the past period, the duo has successfully maintained the support level of Bitcoin at $0.07, indicating a relatively stable demand at a moderate level.

Reducing rebound may encounter frictional resistance around the daily moving average. If the price drops due to frictional resistance above, it will indicate a lack of higher quality. This will practice courage against the air, and he may try again to lower the DOGE/USDT ratio below $0.07. If they can do this, it could potentially lower the composition to $0.06.

If both sides want to prevent a drop below $0.07, we must push the price above the 50 day SMA ($0.08). Subsequently, this may rebound to the resistance zone of $0.10 to $0.11 for individual stocks.

Solana Price Analysis

Solana (SOL) rebounded with strong support of $19.85 and is close to the downside line. This may become a strong obstacle to a bull market in the short term.

The moving average system tends to be gentle, and RSI is close to the center point, indicating that the pressure on sales work is likely to have eased. If the customer pushes the price above the downtrend line, the SOL/USDT pair will attempt to rebound to $24.

On the contrary, if the price drops again from the decline line, it will indicate that the short order is not in a happy mood. Subsequently, this may result in the loan currency staying between the downtrend line and 19.85 yuan for a period of time.

Irregular Graph Price Analysis

Polygon (MATIC) is attempting to start a recovery, reaching a finely differentiated level of $0.94. It is estimated that the bear will have strong defense at this level.

If the selling price drops at $0.94, it will indicate that short orders have already turned this level into frictional resistance. Subsequently, he will attempt to further strengthen his trading position by reducing the MATIC/USDT ratio to $0.81. If they pass, open the door for the possibility of falling to $0.69.

Contrary to this assumption, if customers push the price above $0.94, it will mean strong stock buying at a moderate level. This pair is likely to first rise to a 50 day SMA ($1.03) and then try to jump back to the resistance line.

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