The chief executive of Ripple said that the supervision conducted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) according to the "application for enforcement" is not a "healthy way" to regulate the industry, which may reduce the influence of the United States on encryption enterprises.

In an interview with Bloomberg News on March 3, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, a digital payment internet based on distributed ledgers, said that the SEC's regulatory approach has exposed the United States to "relatively serious risks" and is likely to miss the attractive core of the next sustainable development of blockchain and encryption independent innovation.

Garlinghouse stressed that the SEC's accusation against Ripple was that the SEC was merely "attacking" and "attacking" the entire market, and added that if the SEC "could win", it would be "some other cases"

He pointed out that the encryption field "now begins to get rid of" the United States, because its encryption regulatory steps "lag behind" other countries, such as "Australia, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland"

He praised some countries for taking "time and careful consideration" to develop "very clear pavement standards", and added that the approach taken by the United States was not "a healthy way to regulate the industry"

Galinghouse recalled that when she first entered the high-tech industry in the 1990s, some people suggested that Internet technology should be banned because of "illegal activities", but the government department rejected this idea and decided to "create a framework"

He explained the "benefits" of such initial selection under the "premise of the international situation", that is, the headquarters of "Amazon Platform and Google Search" is located in the United States, which means that there is still an opportunity to create a framework for cryptocurrency at this stage.

Galinghouse believes that the whole process of architecture should be gradually from a brief description of "establishment and maintenance of consumers"

He added that customers are suffering from "backwardness" because they lack the "same maintenance" that the regulatory framework "can provide"

Galinghouse felt that the SEC should make a ruling on the Ripple case this year.

Recently, John Deaton, the founder of Crypto Law Layer, the news media of laws and regulations, issued a call of conduct to more than 245000 Twitter fans on March 5, saying that all enterprises that have "actively sued" with the SEC should cooperate to develop a "harmonious development strategy", called "war"

Previously, Kristin Smith, CEO of the Blockchain Association, said in an interview with Bloomberg News on February 22 that the whole process of encryption regulation in the United States had been "closed", and added that it was particularly important for a large number of industries to participate in the "open whole process"

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