About Episode 19 of Coin TelegraphHashing It OutPodcast, Elisha Owusu Akyaw communicates with Ivo Georgiev, CEO of the Ethereum blockchain smart contract wallet Ambire. Georgiev explained how account abstraction and its wallet can bring more people into the internet

Georgiev believes that self control is an "extremely difficult" problem that can be solved through account abstraction. He explained that account abstraction enables data encryption wallets to be programmed, providing them with several keys, and allowing services such as dual factor identity authentication.

The CEO claims that account abstraction can drive the selection of digital currencies by placing tools such as wallets on the platform. He added, "I think account abstraction will provide services for the future 1 billion users in Ethereum.

In addition to the need to import into the wallet to make it more user-friendly, Georgiev has also been specified to clearly propose new features that the wallet can provide. Taking MetaMask as an example, he explained that there is basically no need to delete all the existing functions at this stage. However, due to the provision of such services by several decentralized exchanges, wallets may revoke the exchange function and increasingly have to adopt a minimalist style. In the end, Georgiev emphasized that the main improvement of the wallet was to change the customer onboarding process.

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At the regulatory level, Ambire's CEO stated that they are not very satisfied with the current situation, but in his view, wallets cannot become the main task of regulatory authorities in the near future.

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